Congratulations to our company for obtaining the third-level qualification certificate of environmental protection engineering professional contracting, and the professional contracting third-level qualification certificate o
In December 2020, Zhejiang Langtai Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. passed the audit of Jinhua Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau and obtained the third-level qualification certificate for professional contracting of construction mechanical and electrical installation engineering and third-level professional contracting of environmental protection engineering.

The acquisition of this qualification is not only an honor, but also a responsibility. On the one hand, the acquisition of this certificate means that Langtai has the equipment to undertake the construction of environmental protection projects, the installation of equipment, lines, and pipelines for related industrial, public and civil construction projects, and the production of non-standard steel components; on the other hand, it also Our company's establishment of a benchmark enterprise in the industry has brought new opportunities, making it possible for the company to gain more technical and policy support from the country in the process of innovation and development; it will also increase technological innovation for the company in the future and develop new high-tech products. Provides a fundamental guarantee.

The acquisition of the company’s qualification certificate is an affirmation of the overall strength of the company, marking that Langtai has entered a higher level, and it also means that Langtai will develop rapidly and continue to grow, and it also encourages us to continue to face the market. , The principle of creating value for customers, further improving the ability of innovation, constantly improving the company’s brand image, strengthening R&D investment, improving technological innovation capabilities and service levels, helping customers improve quality, creating lasting product competitiveness, and promoting the company’s Good and fast development creates better conditions.

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