Summary of the semiconductor industry
Semiconductor industry is mainly divided into discrete components, integrated circuits, and photovoltaic (solar).
Processing according to the characteristics of the exhaust gas, use water to wash, oxidation/combustion, such as adsorption, dissociation, condensation method. Emissions in semiconductor manufacturing, according to the system can be divided into: general exhaust (GEX), acidic exhaust (SEX), alkaline exhaust (AEX) and organic exhaust (VEX). According to different pollution, can take the following comprehensive processing methods:
1) general exhaust system
General exhaust (GEX) system, also known as hot exhaust system, some equipment in the production process will produce a large number of local heat transfer or producing will affect the production environment with high degree of cleanliness of dust harmless gases. In order to satisfy the semiconductor processes on the environment temperature and humidity ((22 + 1) ℃, (45 + / - 5) %) and high requirement of the cleanliness, the waste gas can be collected through the duct system, and then to fan extraction and emissions.
Although general exhaust dust emissions of extraction equipment used, but the general sampling gas exhaust system directly from the clean room, and the equipment dust emission concentration is very low, so in total the testing results of the duct in the still of clean level, belongs to the room temperature range. Therefore GEX can direct emissions to the atmosphere environment, does not need to do any processing, for harmless emissions.
2) acid and alkali waste gas processing system
Acidic and alkaline waste gas generated in semiconductor manufacturing, processing equipment and processing principle, basically the same. For waste gas containing acidic/alkaline substances, most used large washing type central waste gas processing system for processing. Due to semiconductor manufacturing work area physical distance from the central waste gas processing system, thus part of acid/alkaline waste gas before delivery to the central waste gas processing system, usually caused by gas characteristics of crystallization or dust accumulation in the pipeline, pipeline jam after lead to gas leakage, serious or even explode, safety hazards on site work. So in the working area need to suit the character of the process gas exhaust gas treatment equipment for processing on the spot, and then into the central processing system, and some special gas, including the highly toxic, spontaneous combustion and explosive gases requires first by dry scrubber equipment by adsorption and oxidation/combustion method and on-site processing, then one central waste gas processing system.
3) the organic waste gas processing system
Emissions in the process of semiconductor manufacturing waste gases containing organic compounds are usually use direct burning, activated carbon adsorption, biological oxidation method for processing.
Only relatively high concentrations of organic waste gas suggest direct burning;
Activated carbon adsorption method, only a very low concentration organic waste gases are suggested to use. But because of its material properties, easy combustion and high water sensitivity, attached the residual load higher shortcomings, basic no longer used in high concentration;
Concentration of the organic waste gas emission characteristic of semiconductor manufacturing is low, but the exhaust air volume is larger, therefore must consider organic waste gas enrichment before incineration. Zeolite enriched the runner system and combination of incinerator incineration system is a good way to solve this problem.

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