An overview of the electroplating industry
Is the way of using electrolytic plating the metal or alloy deposition on the surface, to form a dense and uniform process of binding force good metal layer.
Many different kinds of electroplating, in addition to galvanized, nickel plating, chrome plating, copper plating four regular kind of plating, and zinc - nickel, zinc, cobalt, zinc, iron, copper, zinc, etc., and satisfy the electronic semiconductor gold-plated, silver plated, etc. These process solution formula is complex, the combination of a variety of additives, complexes, plus a few kinds of short-term also eliminated the use of cyanide plating, especially before plating the surface pretreatment and retreat plating such as the increase of the dosage of alkali, which eventually produce a lot of waste gas in the electroplating process. The waste gas is mainly metal dust, acid and alkali waste gas, organic exhaust gas, chromium acid mist and various plating bath heating and send out a variety of waste gas, including ammonia containing waste gas, cyanide waste gas, etc.
Waste gas treatment
1) from the source to reduce exhaust gas generation: to improve the process, the elimination of old equipment and technology, take measures to make the plating production reduce the amount of waste gas to escape; To strengthen management and try to arrange operation within the waste gas collection ventilation system; Plating pretreatment of alkaline degreasing, pickling to rust or scale in the process, can be added in the solution of alkali fog, acid mist inhibitor.
2) the design of ventilation system: narrow slit on both sides of the plating bath to speed up the plate, reduce visual bath area and enhance the exhaust effect of groove edge. Electroplating workshop, generally larger area, in order to maintain workshop negative pressure, the need to design the comprehensive ventilation, and the pollution sources are the plating tank, plating bath so need to design, local ventilation trough emissions generally divided into single suction and double suction side, the slot width of 700 mm or less, appropriate USES single suction, groove width > 700 mm, appropriate USES double side suction, groove width > 1200 mm, appropriate USES suction type suction, blowing slit type exhaust hood, side vents height 250 mm or higher, as the high cross section, the side vents height 250 mm or higher, as the high cross section, side vents height < 250 mm for the lower section.
3) waste management process:
Spray and commonly used acid mist exhaust gas treatment. My company to provide new anticorrosion anti-aging packed tower spray and chemical method. After years of improvement, the use of customer feedback, new anticorrosion anti-aging packed tower its purification efficiency all over 95%, has passed ISO9001 certification, standardization have been formed.
The volatilization of organic waste gas source and plating bath fluid, such as oven drying, generally belong to the low concentration waste gas, the plasma can be used, light, oxygen, ozone, adsorption + RCO method can deal with.

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