Overview of municipal utilities
Municipal utilities of waste gas treatment, and generally concentrated in the urban landfill, rubbish collection, waste transfer station, city sewage treatment plant, waste stack area, such as exhaust gas composition is mainly for low concentration odorous gases, gas composition are mainly hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, chlorine gas, organic VOCs, and so on.
Waste gas treatment
Odorous gas treatment technology at present is mainly destroyed, that is, by chemical or biochemical reaction, heat, light, catalyst and microorganism transform organic compounds as carbon dioxide and water, such as non-toxic or low toxic inorganic small molecule compounds, such as, no smell gas.
Main techniques are burning, catalytic combustion, catalytic oxidation and biodegradation, high-energy ion decomposition method to decompose the stench gas or degradation.
1) direct combustion method: using the auxiliary fuels such as gas or fuel combustion heat release will mixed gas heated to a certain temperature (700 ~ 800 ℃), reside a certain amount of time, make the flammable harmful material for high temperature decomposition into harmless substance. The law does not apply to cannot combustion and low concentration of exhaust gas, large energy consumption, higher technical requirements, not easy to control and mastery.
2) adsorption concentration + catalytic combustion method/catalytic combustion method: using activated carbon or molecular sieve adsorption concentration low concentration organic waste gases, stripping out again into the catalytic oxidation bed combustion purification. Exhaust gas heating to 200 ~ 300 ℃ after catalytic bed catalytic combustion carbon dioxide and water into harmless odourless, purpose of purification. The installation and operation of governance needs to satisfy the adsorption industrial organic waste gas treatment project technical specifications "(HJ2026-2013) and the catalytic combustion method of industrial organic waste gas treatment project technical specifications" (HJ2026-2013).
3) the low temperature plasma method
Low temperature plasma method is through the high pressure discharge, low temperature plasma, which can generate a lot of from electronics, ions and free radicals and other reactive particles with various pollutants and CO, HC, NOx, works, such as H2S, RSH is converted into CO2, H2O, N2, S, harmless or less harmful material such as SO2, so that the exhaust gas purification.

4) ozone, ultraviolet ozone method has the advantage that does not produce NOX and CO oxidation process, at the same time can remove paint fog particles and organic solvent, disadvantage is the need to increase the production of ozone equipment and processing to absorb water.
5) biological
Biological methods refer to the attached to the packing in the reactor using microorganisms to translate into simple inorganic pollutants in the exhaust (CO2, H2O and SO42 -, etc.) and the method of microbial cytoplasm. The method dealing with the characteristics of low cost, no secondary pollution, obtained the rapid development both at home and abroad, especially suitable for low concentration, large volume and appropriate biodegradation of gas.
6) photocatalytic oxidation method
Photocatalytic oxidation process is mainly ultraviolet light to activate photocatalytic materials, oxide on the surface of odorous gases, VOCs. Vacuum ultraviolet wavelength (< 200 nm, VUV) photon energy is high, under the irradiation of ultraviolet photocatalytic materials to produce electrons and holes, inspire the electrons and holes "(a kind of high energy particles), which generate strong oxidation ability of hydroxyl radicals (0 H), active substances, hydroxyl radicals (0 H) is one of the main active substance of photocatalytic reaction, the hydroxyl free radicals can be higher than that of organic matter in the all kinds of chemical reaction, such as: C - C, C - H, C, N, C, H, O, N - O - H, etc., thus can effectively decompose rapidly volatile fetor, organic matter.

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